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The DisciplinedIQ Process

The disciplinedIQ Investment Advisory Process specifically addresses the common shortfalls in investor expectations by following six Key Management Principles.

The application of six simple Key Management Principals come together to create a flexible and transparent process designed specifically to help maintain the critical balance between an investor's investment objectives and the dynamic requirements in managing the investor's investment portfolio.

Building a HouseKey Management Principles

Much like the construction of a house the first three key management principles create a solid foundation of fiduciary responsibility, thinking that is both independent and critical to break through industry biases, and an unrestrictive fee-based platform (through LPL Financial) whereon the other principles can flexibly operate.

The next principle is the pillar principle of disciplined investment selection and monitoring followed by the headstone principle of flexible and dynamic risk management.

The capstone of this house is the fact that it is simple enough that investors can easily understand and maintain a level of comfort with the process.

The investor is specifically a partner in each step of the process either through personal input or reporting that illustrates the fulfilling of our onoging management responsibilities.

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